Accessible Parking - East Baltimore Campus

Any employee/student with a disability, who drives, and requires a special parking assignment in the Johns Hopkins Parking permit program, must submit to Occupational Health Services (OHS) medical certification of the disability.  This certification must be on their physician’s letterhead and signed by their physician. The letter should be mailed or faxed to OHS, 98 N. Broadway/Suite 421, Baltimore MD 21231 to the attention of Linda Yaffe. The fax number is 410-955-1617.

OHS will send the Parking Office their recommendation and a specified period for which the employee will need the accommodation (if permission is granted). Based on OHS’s recommendation and garage space availability, the Parking Office will assign the employee/student a garage close to his/her office.

Special parking assignments will be issued only for the duration stated in the medical documentation. Employees with temporary disabling conditions, which extend beyond the original certification by their physician, must submit new documentation to OHS to extend their special parking assignment.


Inquiries should be directed to the Parking Admin Office at 410-614-1436.