Handling Return to Campus Concerns – Phase 1

Based upon CDC guidance, some people may be at higher-risk of experiencing negative COVID-19 outcomes due to their individual circumstances. Faculty/staff/students who fall within the CDC’s definition of a “vulnerable person” (documented in the Return to Campus Guide) or with a documented disability may request reasonable accommodations to their work or learning environment. For the duration of the pandemic, OIE and SDS will review accommodation requests from vulnerable persons in in the same manner it reviews disability accommodations.

More information on the accommodations process is below. Faculty/staff should contact the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) by phone (410-516-8075); email (; fax (410-367-2665); or online Request for Reasonable Workplace Accommodation form to begin the accommodations process. Students should contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator at their respective school.



Johns Hopkins University is committed to providing individuals with access to all university programs, activities, and facilities. This page outlines a number of resources to assist those with disabilities.

Please continue reading for information regarding accommodations for:

For all these groups, an accommodation is considered reasonable if it does not fundamentally alter the nature of the institution’s programs and policies, and does not place undue hardship on the institution. Reasonable accommodations are distinguished from services of a personal nature (such as provision of wheelchairs, personal care assistance, etc.), which the university does not provide.

If you are a Hopkins entity in need of an ASL interpreter, captioning or transcription, please refer to:  List of Procurement approved resources for interpreting, transcribing and captioning.