Dear Community Members:

During this time and while the University and the world implement social distancing measures to slow the pace of COVID-19, the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) remains open and available to the entire community via phone, email, Zoom, and the web. To get in touch with OIE and/or to schedule a meeting, please call 410-516-8075 or email us at oie@jhu.edu, titleixcoordinator@jhu.edu or OIEdisability@jhu.edu.  Please note that our two locations on the Homewood and East Baltimore campuses will remain closed until further notice, but our entire staff will be working remotely to support the Hopkins community.

To learn more about the work of OIE, to file an online discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct report, or to request disability or religious accommodations through our online forms, please visit www.oie.jhu.edu or www.sexualassault.jhu.edu.  Anonymous reports may still be filed by phone, email or via web forms, and anonymous conversations with OIE staff can still occur by phone or email. If you wish to file an OIE report and/or converse with OIE anonymously, please do not provide your name or other identifying information in your communication.

Thank you for your assistance as we help protect our staff and community while continuing to serve.


Shanon Shumpert

Vice Provost for Institutional Equity


Accessibility at Johns Hopkins University

As Johns Hopkins University works to foster diversity and build a campus culture of inclusion, it is committed to ensuring people with disabilities enjoy full participation in the university’s programs, services, and benefits. Johns Hopkins seeks the continuous improvement of accessibility on its campuses and in its activities, and prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of disability.

This website is designed to connect people with services and information related to all aspects of accessibility. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing a university website, or content located on a university website (video, document, etc.), please contact us at webaccessibility@jhu.edu.

Johns Hopkins University’s ADA Compliance Officer in the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) supports the university community in meeting its responsibilities with respect to the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal and state laws. The ADA Compliance Officer can be reached via email or by phone at 410.516.8075.