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Faculty Program Spring 2023 — Anticipating and Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Student Disability Services (SDS) uses a database called Accommodation Information Management (AIM) to provide access to accommodation letters and support accommodations such as note taking and in schools with testing centers, exams.

  • Faculty will receive accommodation letters by email and the letters will also be available in the Faculty Portal within AIMThe portal will be accessed using your Hopkins JHED ID and password. Single sign on will work after the first time if you use it.
  • Please reference the Faculty Guidelines for Using AIM for more information about how to use the portal.

This section also contains important information to help faculty work with students with disabilities to coordinate approved accommodations. Each school has a designated SDS coordinator who is available to answer questions about providing disability accommodations.

Below is a list of Student Disability Services contacts at each school or program:

There are also things faculty can do ensure that courses are accessible and inclusive for with disabilities.

Below are links to some of the important information: